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topic posted Wed, May 16, 2007 - 6:42 AM by  Genghis "Doh!"
So, this past weekend, I rejoined the ranks of motorcyclists after a 10 year "off" period. I own a Triumph Speed Triple.

In buying it, I picked a cool retro Triumph jacket, which has the British flag and a Triumph patch sewn onto it. Is there a chance that a MC member could interpret those as MC colors?

Thanks, G
  • I agree with Loki, not a chance.

    Almost all motorcycle club colors include the following three elements... a top rocker over a main patch, and a bottom rocker.

    The top rocker is normally the club name, the main patch is normally the biggest and right in the center of the back, and the bottom rocker always indicates the location that club is from.

    Most, also have a small MC patch one on side of the main patch, and some sort of number patch on the other side, like 1%, 1%er, 100%, etc.

    It sounds like your jacket looks nothing at all like this.

    Many, many motorcycle riders that are not affiliated with a club go out and buy theirselves a vest or a jacket and sew a couple of patches onto it, like an American Flag, or a harley davidson patch, etc... It's not a big deal at all as long as it doesn't have those three elements.

    From my experience, most 1% clubs will also allow you to wear a top rocker and a main patch, as long as there is no bottom rocker, no MC patch, no support patch, and you also wear an AMA patch. These groups are normally called, "riding clubs" and sometimes you'll see them wear their AMA patch upside down because they don't want to wear it.

    Congratulations on your new bike! Even if it is a foreign bike, lol! Just kidding with you. Even riding a jap bike is better than no bike at all.
    • <<The top rocker is normally the club name, the main patch is normally the biggest and right in the center of the back, and the bottom rocker always indicates the location that club is from.>>

      Took another look at mine:
      Left arm: Triumph patch by itself

      Right arm: A UK flag patch and a rocker with the text "Great Britain" over it.

      No AMA patch, though.
      • I couldn't find a photo of your new jacket in your profile, but nevertheless, all of the patches I described are found on the back, not on the arms.

        Loki is right. No one will make that mistake.
        • Cool and thanks for the reality. Just wanted to make sure I knew the scoop.

          Damn but it's great to be riding again...
          • take a refresher course, maybe an ERC. That's the sort of reality check that will be far more useful.
            • <<take a refresher course, maybe an ERC. That's the sort of reality check that will be far more useful.>>

              Good call. I'm taking the basic class this weekend and ERC sometime fairly soon.
              • Unsu...
                Absolutely, positively no chance of those leathers being mistaken for colors.

                "Colors" are 3-piece and will have "MC" somewhere on them. Patches infringing upon these basic rules can get you into trouble. Note that prospect members patches won't be three pieces, but they will often go further out of their way than a 3-piece patch holder to prove themselves and enforce these rules.

                I've worked in a Triumph shop; there is nothing in their clothing line in the past some years that could be mistaken for a MC patch. Be careful on that wheelin' Speed Trip, that bike demands respect. That's probably my next bike.

                Ride Safe!
                • <<I've worked in a Triumph shop; there is nothing in their clothing line in the past some years that could be mistaken for a MC patch.>>

                  Cool. Interestingly, I took the basic MSF class this weekend (of course we had the max braking, swerving, 135 degree turn sessions and final test in the RAIN, this being Seattle) and rider with a supporter sticker (her BF a 1%er) was in the class. She was cool, had stories about being hassled by SUV drivers when it was just the two of them.

                  <<Be careful on that wheelin' Speed Trip, that bike demands respect. That's probably my next bike.>>

                  Oh yeah, I completely get that, It is a hell of a bike and really pleasant both around town at low speed and on more open roads.

                  Not that I'm proud or anything but I have some pictures here:
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                    Awesome Genghis! Congrats on the Speed Triple. You're going to have a lot of fun with it. Should you road trip down here to Portland give me a shout and I'll show you some fun twisties to play on.

                    Ride Safe!
                • Ben
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                  I must add, the most basic vest I have seen that is someone in a bike club is a bottom rocker that reads "Prospect" which is still nothing close to what you describe. Besides, though I am sure you already know, in those areas where respect is given it is received. In other words, you mind your business they will mind theirs.
    • I just became a member of the Catholic Cross Bearer Motorcycle Ministry. The back patch has multiple parts including a top rocker with "Catholic" large cross in the Middle, a bottom rocker with "Cross Bearers" and a banner patch at bottom with "Street Ministry". There is also a small square patch that goes next to the cross witih M/M on it for mtorocycle ministry. All patch parts are purple with white letters
      Would there be any issues with M/C's over this patch?
      If you want to see the patch you can go to the website
    • Hey, ran across this site on accident, but figured it was a good place to ask a question.
      I'm in an 'outdoors' club. We hike, camp, kayak, etc. We also ride motorcycles. We have patches for different things, like climbing a certain mountain and whatnot, we also have vests we wear while riding with these patches.
      Is it an issue if we have a center patch on the back, with our emblem, and the club name in one patch?

  • Actually you cam wear a 3 patch but u can not wear the MC patch but it differs from club to club but its best off to watch what colors you are wearing cause outlaws dont like it if someone wears a black and white patch
    • What does a black and white patch have to do with any major club? The only club I've seen flying those colors are the Scorpions, and they're pretty much all dead or locked up.... Just a few legacy members flying their colors now.... Certainly no threat to any group of loyal solid brothers.

      Am I wrong?
      • Further, Mr. Samples, I realize your post is from a few years ago, but the Scorpions are very much alive and well. There are chapters in several cities and states, not just Dallas and Detriot ... and still growing....

        Your statment of ""Just a few legacy members flying their colors now....Certainly no threat to any group of loyal solid brothers"" could be taken the wrong way depending on how they read that.
      • .. This is funny... I just read one of your earlier posts where you are asking about MCs. Granted, it was from a couple of years before this post, but you really go from knowing nothing much at all, even about clubs in your OWN state, to knowing who's dead and locked up in areas far away from you.

        Here's some of your quotes from that earlier thread:

        Topic started by you: “Motorcycle clubs”

        January 4th: “I've lived in CA my entire life and have rarely ever seen any MC members, let alone run into any.”
        October 23rd: “I'll take my Motorcycle Club any day.”
        October 23rd: In response to a question to you >>>Just as a matter of idle interest, which Motorcycle Club are you a member of?
        You say “--->That's not something I'm interested in disclosing. No offense.”

        I think you're either a very big poser,... you're a cop .... or you're both.
      • Tread lightly about things you obviously know nothing about.Scorpions MC is alive and well and have been growing steadily for the past 22yrs Ive k own them.As for the Black and White Outlaws MC is one of the largest MC in the world and that's there trademark.
    • BAD Advice , we earn our patches and rockers . Unless you are MC don't even think about it .
      Find you some nice patches , go on some fun runs , join a " Riding Club" but leave the the three piece Patches to the Clubs.

      "Colors" , "Cuts" , "Rags" are earned and not to be taken lightly .

      Better to be safe than losing a nice jacket among other things .

      • What are you replying to? I didn't see anyone suggest he wear a cut that belongs to a club he doesn't belong to...

        Did you look at the photos? The patches he wears are not a 3 piece cut...
  • wer
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    You want be confused for a MC, forget the 1 pc, 2 pc, 3pc patch thing if you really want some good info on the subject just go to
    • Ray
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      That's the Dead Shovelhead cut! Watch out for dead shovels.
      • Ha! my shovelhead is not dead.
        Here in Ventura there been a "renaissance" of clubbers. I went to the "Jalopy Joe" show last weekend and Joe let in the 'patch holders', The H.A.s were there and their new Jr club 'The Demons", they are a three patch club and there were two other clubs and I can't recall their names, one was a three patch and he gave a hug to the main H.A. guy. This dude was riding a Panhead which is relatively unusual because the rest of the clubbers ride Dyna's mostly with the mini fairings or the older dudes ride the Dyna's or soft tails with bat wing fairings. Demons ride the Dyna's and Sportsters.
        My favorite local MC is a single patch club called the Borrachos, it's a cool patch. The story I heard is the club was started by some guys from Ojai or Miners Oaks who were hellacious bar brawlers back in the 60s and 70s now they are a "family club." Women ride too, with patches on vests, usually denim. The women look like ass kickers! I talked to one at Casa Soria (Mexican Restaurant), he was pretty straight looking and not overly friendly. I asked him how you would join, he mentioned a referral and a motorcycle and used the term, "family club."
          • Well, I'll swear I saw a Woman with a patch. She was at the mid ave gas station on the East side and she rode towards the clubhouse.
            Then again, I'm just a casual observer and I have no real interst in push the point. If you are a Los Borracho you would know the truth. I admit my posts were speculation and things I have heard so that's would be here say and gossip.
            They are not a three patch club, I only see one. What's the protocol if you wish to enlighten me?? The Club is still on E. Lewis?
            • You did see a woman with a patch. There were several back in the beginning. One of the last women died, though, just last year. Any of the old timers will know Connie.

              My dad was a founding member. His helmet and windbreaker still hang on the clubhouse wall... I think he was the second person to die and that was 1970 or 71.

              Favorite hangout other than clubhouse was Bodie's near Ojai.

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