Anti-fog for glasses?

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Okay everybody, what's your favorite trick or product for anti-fogging of glasses?

Today as I'm coming over the hill by the zoo here in Portland, I hit heavy snowfall that blocked my vision in seconds. First of course it covered my face shield. Use my built-in squeegie on my gloves, but that only worked until the snow and water got inside. So then it's lift the visor and ride with glasses. Works great until the lenses cover over in snow and ice. All of this in the span of less than two minutes.

Somehow I made it over the hill and down into Beaverton to my favorite bike shop. I purchased an anti-fog lens to apply inside my visor (works great!!!), but of course my glasses still fog.

I've tried soap, spit, Scott products, etc. They all work for various short lengths of time. Has anybody found a product that lasts for more than one or two trips out?

Ride warm!
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  • I don't think I'd *want* an anti fog product on my glasses that lasted a long time. I'd worry about losing visual accuity.

    That said...

    When I remember (which will be a lot more often in 2 weeks when I move to Seattle), I clean my visor and glasses with Zooke. It's a cleaner and a fog-preventer. Use the spray on stuff for the visor, and that or the wax on glasses. But you do need to use it pretty often.

    If the anti-fog lens you bought is from Fog City, the general consensus seems to be that people with glasses think it creates too much glare at night (I'm one of them), but people without glasses love it.
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      Yep, it's a Fog City.

      The reality is my prescription is long overdue and my glasses lenses are best suited for staying at home anyways. I think it's time for going back to contacts again.

      In the meantime I'll check out the Zooke.

      Thanks Ann. Don't forget to waterproof your boots and gloves while you're anti-fogging your shield in Seattle too. Weather can change fast up there. That lesson was driven home to me again today.

      Be Safe,
      • I wish I could wear contacts. That would make life on my bike so much easier. But they always creep into the corners of my eyes, leaving me blind and in pain. No good while riding.

        I noticed the fast changing weather while I was up there for a visit last week! I generally keep my winter gloves on my bike, so I can swap if needed.
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          I'd also HIGHLY recommend finding the best one-piece rain suit you can afford that can roll up tight and stow away. Along with a pair of totes overboots and some dry gloves/mitts you will stay dry, warm, and FAR happier. Today begins my quest to heed my own advice. Yesterday pushed all of my Joe Rocket Ballistic series gear past their water-repellent limits.

          Plus if you got a bright colored rain suit, together with your bike, you'd be visible from space!

          ;-) I love your bikes colors! Not for myself, but I can really honestly appreciate it still.

          Ride Safe Ann,
          • I tend to prefer already water proof gear to a separate rain suit that I have to struggle into on top of everything else. I am a big baby that way.

            I usually ride in all black so as not to take away attention from my bike (that yellow tank and purple flames are stock from the factory, BTW. Crazy f'ing Kawasaki). But there is retroreflective tape on my cases and helmet so I still glow in the dark. Or at least in the headlights of the cage that's about to run me down.
        • <I noticed the fast changing weather while I was up there for a visit last week! >

          That's not changing weather, its scattered sun
          • my rainsuit is a butt-ugly banana yellow extra-large overalls + jacket that an old friend 'got' from the phone company. Keeps me dry and makes me look as conspicuous as Big Bird on a Harley.

            Contacts: I always wear them with waterproof mascara, sunglasses and a face-shielding helmet. YMMV.
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              I've got the same yellow rain gear that I decided today I'll be taking along on the Rose City 250 in a few weeks. I figured it would be good to be seen from as far as possible out there in the boonies.

              I've never tried contacts with mascara, wp or otherwise. Does it help keep them in? Will I get my ass kicked if I ride into Gypsy Joker territory with it on? Please to further enlighten on subject.


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